Unusual immersion to the discovery of Sumba

Do you dream of an unusual trip to Indonesia ? Isolated in the heart of the small islands of the Sumba, Sumba offers an atypical stop unknown to tourists. It has resisted Western influence and today, ancestral traditions and animist rituals are still alive and well. It is the megalithic civilization that has shaped this island that does not seem to have changed of era. It is an invitation to go back! It is full of natural jewels, steppe landscapes, waterfalls, white sand beaches, turquoise sea … You will discover a real « Eden » that begins to enjoy a reputation after travelers who want to leave the usual routes !



You will enjoy :

  • Live an exclusive journey away from the crowds
  • Enjoy the most beautiful beaches of the archipelago off the tourist trail
  • The discovery of a wild island, authentic and captivating because of its history, its architecture, and its animist rituals
  • Immersion in life and local culture offering a step back in time more surprising
  • Your villa facing the ocean, sleek and sleek design, inviting to a retreat for a few days.


« The best trip is the one we have not done yet »

Paul Valéry

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