The beautiful sumba

Nature immersion to discover Sumba

Are you a traveller looking for wild landscapes ? The island of Sumba offers an unexplored coast which is punctuated by beautiful beaches. An invitation to discover the North Coast and its waves, the South coast and these beautiful sunsets. The atmosphere of Sumba is unique with its steppes, cliffs, vegetation, wild horses, traditional houses, … In two wheels, you can go on an adventure and find its natural treasures, markets, waterfalls, caves, and meet its inhabitants who will make you discover an ancient culture still present. The island of Sumba is a great breath of authenticity !


You will enjoy :

  • A natural immersion outside the tourist trails ;
  • The selection of a passionate local guide who will enjoy sharing his culture and opening you all doors;
  • The proposal of a stay according to your rhythm to discover this wild island;
  • The ability to customize your adventure “a la carte” based on the activities that interest you the most.

« The best trip is the one we have not done yet »

Paul Valéry

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