You are a curious traveller and old traditions fascinate you? Discover the land of « highlands » in Sulawesi, which is a world apart … You will visit some tourist sites that are of interest, but soon your local guide will offer you to go off road. A hike of a few days will allow you to discover the rural life, to sleep at the locals, and to go for an adventure in a mountainous area of ​​all beauty. The highlight of your trip, you will attend a funeral ceremony, a door to discover in depth the Toraja culture, its rituals, and its beliefs … A guaranteed change of scenery and an opening to a captivating world where death is omnipresent to the point that it becomes alive! To finish in style, you can continue your rafting trip to explore in depth this incredible region …


You will enjoy :

  • A deep immersion in the Toraja culture outside the tourist trails;
  • The selection of a passionate local guide who will enjoy sharing his culture and opening you all doors;
  • The proposal of a hiking holiday at your own pace to discover this beautiful mountainous region;
  • The ability to customize your adventure “a la carte” according to the activities that interest you the most.



« The best trip is the one we have not done yet »

Paul Valéry


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