Trip to Java

The intense island

Discover Java in Indonesia !

The island of Java reveals its own identity. It stretches over 1000 km to compose grandiose landscapes, punctuated by one hundred volcanoes among the most active and aesthetic in the world! These monsters are born in plains covered with lush rice paddies…

Stay in Java, an intense island

A trip to Java is an intense and captivating experience. Renowned for being the island of excessiveness and diversity, it is full of cultural and natural jewels of rare beauty. The curious traveller will appreciate an incredible panel of adventures, a crossing from richer, the kindness of its inhabitants…

Java, a mosaic of experiences

There are many experiences: the Borobudur Temple, the largest Buddhist monument in the world, the Prambanan Temple, the artistic and cultural region of Yogyakarta, the most active volcanoes in the Indonesian arc, the Krakatau , the Merapi , the Bromo , the sulfur-spitting volcano, the Kawah Ijen , the sulfur-spitting creator offering a grand spectacle! And many other spaces, a primary forest sheltering endemic species, internationally renowned surf spots, still untouched islands …

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