Travel to Sumbawa

A lost paradise

Discover Sumbawa Island, in Indonesia !

Located between the islands of Lombok and Flores, the island of Sumbawa is a destination unknown to tourists. A trip to Sumbawa promises a great adventure off road, discovering traditional lifestyles, a gentle and peaceful local life, and many natural jewels…

Stay in Sumbawa, a lost paradise

The island of Sumbawa is famous for its waves, but more extensively for its wild setting. It has a coast that reveals beautiful beaches of white sand. You will discover amazing coral reefs and superb waves that sometimes run for more than a hundred meters. Many surf spots are to discover along your journey. Among the best known are Lakey Peak, Yo-Yo, Supersucks and Scar Reef which are frequented by surfers in search of beautiful waves…

The Tambora monster

The Tambora volcano is an invitation in itself to discover the island of Sumbawa. It is a super volcano whose volcanic eruption of 1815 was the most powerful, the most lethal and the heaviest in term of climatic and economic consequences of the last half millennium. This mega-eruption would have brought it from 4300 m of altitude to 2850m, forming a caldera of about 6 km in diameter and 1 110 m deep! Causing the famous « year without summer » of 1816, and resulting in many famines in Europe and in Asia … It is through a trek of 4 days, that you will be able to discover this remarkable environment and to feel the strength of the elements. A grandiose spectacle awaits you at the top of the volcano…

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