Travel to Lombok

The pearl of Indonesia

Discover Lombok Island, in Indonesia !

Away from the hustle and bustle of Bali, a trip to Lombok ensures a change of scenery and a relaxing and peaceful atmosphere.

Lombok, the little pearl of Indonesia

Renowned for the Gilis Islands, its beautiful beaches in the South, its surf spots, its Gunung Rinjani volcano , one of the most active and aesthetic in the world and its Sasak people who perpetuate ancient traditions, such as art of the fight and the composition of old music to the sounds more captivating …

Lombok, authentic

It is an invitation to meet the people, to discover small villages whose houses look like fishing boats, to discover local crafts and making songket, these colourful traditional fabrics. , making pottery, delicious and spicy food…

Lombok, volcanic

The Rinjani Volcano Trek can be approached in an original way with an understanding of volcanism and observation of the activity of the volcano, the choice of bivouacs offering the most beautiful panoramas, a swim in a hot spring, and for finish in beauty an invigorating bath at the foot of a waterfall…

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