Eco Responsible Travel

Let’s travel differently

The eco-friendly trip

Traveling responsibly, is giving meaning to travel! Respect our dear planet Earth, the environment of the host country, its people and its traditions…

It is above all a personal process that starts with understanding the issues and an awareness of our impact when we travel. In practice, this simply translates into attention to the other and small eco-gestures, thus promoting a true immersion in the host country and a shared experience in a positive way.

Our engagement

To meet the challenge of responsible and sustainable eco-tourism, our team has set three objectives :

Respect the local population;

Limit negative impacts related to the trip;

Promote the protection of biodiversity and local communities.


Minimize our impacts

Traveling means to inevitably leave a trace! Inspiring, subtle, dangerous and unalterable sometimes. We sensitize our partners, guides and clients to limit our impact on nature and cultural heritage. But we are the first actors of a change and we encourage to change of model. In our humble scale, we organize waste cleaning operations, we say NO plastic bags that are found on many tourist sites but also on virgin beaches, we participate in the replanting of trees on the edge of primary forest , the replanting of coral, the conservation of Orang-utans, the protection of green turtles, we sensitize as soon as we can, …

Respect our hosts

We ensure respect for the host country and the local population. We encourage as much as possible an immersion in the local life to establish a real exchange. We design trips with a good knowledge of the terrain. As part of an ethnic trip, we work hand in hand with a referent-mediator to facilitate the meeting with isolated ethnic groups and we make a point of honour to contribute to the project of the community.

Before each departure, we take care to inform our customers about the context, customs and best practices related to the host country…

Le concept ECO TRIP !

Beyond minimizing our impact, we wanted to re-invent travel simply by creating a new model, leaving a positive impression. For this, we wanted to directly involve the traveller in the preservation of the natural and cultural heritage of Indonesia. This is the foundation of the Eco Trip !

We propose to our customers to live one of our ECO TRIPs whose concept is simple : a trip, a positive action.

Our ECO TRIP trips are tailor-made according to our clients’ desires. They integrate a participative dimension through a local project or mission. During the trip, the traveller will be able to join a mission during a part of his stay and according to his expectations to continue the discovery of the destination. This participative trip directly finances the local project or an NGO related to the theme of travel! For each trip, we rely on a local team in charge of the mission and of welcoming the traveller.

Beyond the perimeter of the mission itself, we create a unique experience to sublimate the immersion of the traveller in the heart of nature or within an ethnic group. At the request of our customers, we can combine the mission with the discovery of the chosen site.


Copyright photos – © Erick Kelana