Do you dream of a unique destination for diving ? Head for the Raja Ampat Archipelago in Indonesia, a string of beautiful mountain islands plunging into a deep blue sea with incredibly diverse coral reefs. A diving destination among the most beautiful in the world ! We offer a Raja Ampat diving experience that cannot be told but has to be lived with fantastic dives, sunrises and sunsets that ignite the horizon, fish based meals, massage with natural products (aloe vera, coconut, ginger), canoe crossing to discover the archipelago, its surprising karstic formations, its mangroves, its virgin beaches, its rare birds, and its inhabitants …


Your will enjoy :

  • A unique stay in partnership with Kri Eco Resort, an authentic place, offering the experience of traditional and unusual accommodation above a translucent lagoon ;
  • The exceptional diving experience exploring the islands of Mensuar and Kri, as well as the northern part of Raja Ampat ;
  • The Eco Trip choice to support the protection of marine biodiversity in Indonesia ;
  • Activities« à la carte » – snorkeling, hiking, traditional village tours, bird watching, canoeing and stand up paddle in natural surroundings of great beauty.


« The best trip is the one we have not done yet »

Paul Valéry

Dive to Raja Ampat, magical moments …


Involved in an Eco Responsible approach, we offer an eco-participatory stay whose purpose is to protect the Raja Ampat archipelago which has a remarkable ecosystem, already fragile, still threatened by dynamite fishing, overfishing and poaching of shark fins, napoleon fish or manta rays … We are promote a new kind of Experience, in collaboration with our partners RARCC – Raja Ampat Research and Conservation Center and Kayak4Conservation which support an eco-tourism approach supporting the biodiversity conservation and a sustainable development for local communities.

The RARCC project involves indigenous communities in the deployment of self-sustaining financial projects and small businesses that stimulate the biodiversity conservation and the protection of future generations in Raja Ampat Archipelago.

The Kayak4Conservation project offers canoe trips with local kayak guides and local guesthouses, helping to support local communities through sustainable eco-tourism. An original and natural experience to discover the natural treasures of the Raja Ampat and meet the locals.

Your trip, which we will customize according to your expectations, will support one association that you will have chosen. Beyond a diving trip, you will let a positive footprint !

A glimpse …

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