Trip to Kalimantan

The wild Island

Discover Kalimantan in Indonesia !

Kalimantan Island is an invitation to go on an adventure to explore a huge, wild and captivating space. Nicknamed the island of « thousand rivers », it is full of natural and cultural treasures.

The destination Kalimantan, a wild island

Renowned for its wild character, the beauty of its beaches, the depth of a primary tropical forest, a reserve of unique biodiversity with its nebulous panthers and orangutans, Kalimantan promises an exceptional trip !

An adventure fragrance

It offers a wide variety of adventures: the exploration by boat or bamboo-rafting of its rivers and lakes, the discovery of its secret beaches or come lay of imposing green turtles, its paradisiac islands and its magnificent atolls of which that of Maratua where turtles, dolphins and thousands of multicoloured fish swim, diving on exceptional sites, the discovery of villages on stilts, the visit of Barjarmasin , the Venice of Kalimantan and its market Lokbaitan, the only floating market of Indonesia , the experience of a mythical trek in the middle of the jungle … Without forgetting the meeting with the orangutans , endemic species of Borneo and Sumatra, true emblem of the island.

A journey to the origins

For lovers of ancient cultures, you may have the chance to live a unique experience! A deep immersion in Earth Dayak , an ethnic group known in his time for « cutting the heads of his enemies », a remarkable people, the last guardians of ancestral traditions, secrets of an original forest, and treasures of humanity …

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