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Biodiversity reserve

Discover Raja Ampat, in Indonesia !

The Raja Ampat Archipelago « Four Kings » is a unique place located in the « Coral Triangle » which concentrates the richest coral diversity in the world. A dream destination for lovers of unspoiled nature consisting of sublime islands, secret beaches and mountains that plunge into the sea of ​​Halmhera.

Raja Ampat stay, biodiversity reserve

The Raja Ampa Islands, located on the edge of West Papua, reveal a lush and abundant terrestrial nature that is home to beautiful species. A moment of escape: the flight of hornbills, parrots, birds of paradise, couscous, butterflies out of the ordinary, wild orchids, plants and trees of exaggerated proportions…

The Raja Ampat, the dream of a diver !

It is a dream destination for diving, whether you are an experienced diver or not, a simple snorkeling enthusiast, you will be amazed by a remarkable underwater biodiversity. Hundreds of species are present in a magical ballet: white tip sharks, black sharks, barracuda, hump parrotfish, turtles, groupers, majestic manta rays, and even some sperm whales…

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