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Immersion Trip

Nature immersion Trip, in Indonesia !

Do you dream of a nature immersion trip ? The Indonesian archipelago is a marvel of nature that promises you a unique experience between sea, jungle and mountain.

Indonesia, a wild nature

A unique situation in the world, being divided in two by the famous Wallace line, Indonesia has a multitude of endemic species. To your binoculars! Be in the front row to watch this most captivating wild world.

Go off road ! In Sumatra, on the trail of a Sumatran tiger and the Orangs Outans, the observing eye looking for rare birds, in Kerinci National Park to find a spotted Leopard … From Kalimantan to Sulawesi, on the lookout for a dwarf buffalo, the Anoa, a black Macaque, the Maléo bird, Kuskus bears, eyes wide open to catch a glance of the  Tarsier , the smallest primate in the world that lodges in the palm of your hand ! From Bali to Flores, play with the majestic Manta rays, dive in peace with the moonfish Mola Mola , but watch out for the imposing Komodo dragon!

Nature immersion is a time to observe the flora and fauna, and discover the secrets of a surprising nature. A special moment to re-connect with this « nature spirit » often forgotten in our industrialized countries.

Eco-participative travel : Eco Trip !

You are sensitive to the protection of this remarkable biodiversity and you would like to contribute to its protection. Discover our Eco Trips ! And travel differently by participating in the protection project of your choice…

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