Trip to Flores

The preserved Island

Discover Flores Island in Indonesia !

Flores Island is a destination away from tourism offering a truly authentic experience. The destination is full of natural and cultural treasures, which we can discover over the course of days during a crossing of the island.

Stay in Flores, an unspoiled island

The island’s interior offers unsuspected discoveries of great diversity, pristine beaches, authentic fishing villages, numerous volcanoes, grandiose craters, brightly coloured lakes, ethnic groups with ancient traditions, natural sites away from the world inviting to explore ever deeper. An island that reveals itself to be a haven of beauty, … an invitation to stroll and take the time during an immersion trip, punctuated by beautiful hikes to fully appreciate all this wealth …

The Komodo dragons

A stop in the Komodo Park is a must to meet the Komodo lizards, the largest lizard in the world! A night in a bivouac in a lodge will allow you to watch them ready with the help of a ranger and bring a touch of adrenaline…

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