Do you dream of an unusual trip to meet a nomadic people ? Discover the Bajaus, a tribe of marine nomads who are also called « gypsies of the sea ». They are at one with nature and live like fish in harmony with the sea. From a very young age, they learn to swim before they can even walk, then practice fishing and diving gradually deeper and for several minutes … So much that their eyes have adapted to see underwater! It is a people that surprises by an incredible simplicity that invites to question the essential … Not counting their age, not caring to know which country they are administratively attached to, their world is the sea in its infinity. When they settle down, pushed by the government, they cannot stay on the ground. They live in small houses on stilts … The trip we propose is a unique experience on the edge of the Celebes Sea , in the Banggai Islands archipelago which is one of the most isolated destinations. A feeling of being at end of the world, an opening on another world awaits you, suspended in ground and sea! Here the meaning of life, relationships, connection to nature, everything takes on a whole new meaning. An inner experience punctuated by sunsets that ignite the horizon at 360 °…


You will enjoy :

  • A deep immersion in the life of the Bajaus in the heart of the Banggai Islands archipelago ;
  • The selection of a local guide who will introduce you and share with you the way of life of Bajaus;
  • The opportunity to customize your adventure – diving, fishing, hiking – to explore the archipelago Banggai Islands ;
  • The opportunity to continue your tailor-made journey discovering central Sulawesi.


« The best trip is the one we have not done yet »

Paul Valéry

Live with Bajau nomads, magical moments ….

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