Semeru Volcano Trek


Are you passionate about hiking and Trek to discover ? The Gunung Semeru volcano is the highest volcano in Java culminating at nearly 3700 m. An invitation to discover this sacred place whose name Meru recalls a mythical mountain in Hinduism representing the axis of the world and the domain of the Gods. Accompanied by a local guide, the Trek takes place over 3 days and promises a beautiful immersion nature to the meeting of active volcano … departure from beautiful and colourful agricultural villages, set in the heart of the primary forest, then a crossing of an alpine plateau covered with giant lavender from which emerges on the horizon the imposing volcanic cone. A departure at night at the front will allow you to reach the summit before sunrise. When the first rays sweep your face, that’s when the magic operates! A grandiose landscape emerges to unveil in filigree the string of volcanoes that make up the unique landscape of Java … Before your eyes, the amazing activity of the volcano that offer a series of small explosions every 30 minutes…


You will enjoy :

  • Accompanied by a passionate local guide who will motivate you and help you reach the summit ;
  • The services of an official guide who contributes to the protection of the place ;
  • The personalized organization in order to take full advantage of this experience ;
  • Our Mountain expertise as a professional to advise you on this climb ;
  • A varied trek between the primary forest, the alpine plateau, and the caldera, offering a breath-taking panorama !


« The best trip is the one we have not done yet »

Paul Valéry

A glimpse …

Photos – © Mandara