Are you a curious traveller and great apes intrigue you ? Discover the Tanjung Puting National Park, a UNESCO recognized biosphere reserve, to observe the Orang Utans of Kalimantan. This great monkey, sharing more than 97% of our genetic heritage, is simply fascinating … You will discover this species in its natural environment in the heart of the primary forest. Unfortunately, deforestation threatens « forest men » because of the intensive felling of old trees for the scourge of palm oil fields. It is urgent to support the protection of the Kalimantan and Sumatra monkeys, and more generally the protection of the primary forest that constitutes their habitat. That is why we are proposing this experience in collaboration with a local association that aims to protect monkeys and primary forest in Indonesia … We promise you a deep immersion. You will be welcomed by our local guide who contributes to the safeguarding and reintroduction of monkeys in their natural environment. Over the trek, you will discover the wonderful world of the forest, its fauna and flora, and observe the behaviour of the monkeys at the front row … In the footsteps of a remarkable woman, Biruté Galdikas, you will join the famous Camp Leakey, where the young primatologist arrived in 1971 in canoe to found this place of observation…


Vous apprécierez:

  • A naturalist Trek immersion in the heart of the primary forest ;
  • Observing biodiversity, including Orang Utans and Gibbons ;
  • The selection of a local guide who will be pleased to help you discover the secrets of the primary forest ;
  • The proposal for an Eco Trip in collaboration with our local partner to protect the monkeys of Borneo ;
  • The opportunity to personalize your stay to explore the island of Kalimantan.


« The best trip is the one we have not done yet »

Paul Valéry


Engaged in an Eco Responsible approach, we propose an eco-participatory stay whose objective is to contribute to the protection of Borneo monkeys and their habitat, the primary forest. To date, Borneo monkeys are threatened by the advance of palm oil fields. The 6000 orangutans now living in the wild at Tanjung Puting are the largest population in the world. During your stay, you will observe the great primates in their natural habitat.

The discovery of the primary forest of Borneo will favour a naturalistic dimension with the perspective of the issues. Our local coordinator will guide you through the forest for several days. This unique experience will be an opportunity to observe different species including Orangs Utans and Gibbons.

Your trip will help to finance the actions of the remarkable local association KALAWEI in charge of safeguarding gibbon monkeys and their habitat in Indonesia. Beyond the trip, you will leave a positive footprint  !

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Photos – © Erick Kelana

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