Bali Immersion Trip


« It’s been seven months since we came back from our trip to » The Island of the Gods « , and not a day goes by without us thinking back to what we experienced during these two magical weeks.

The words are hard to find to express what happened between « Bali » and us. We had unforgettable moments, all thanks to Cedric’s sensational team and the trip he has concocted especially for us; he knew and understood what we were looking for in our trip. Everything was thought and organized perfectly, the welcome, the transfers, the accommodations of all beauty, nothing missed and the « cherry on our cake » was our Wisnu guide that we will keep in our heart, When we come back from holidays, we say « one day I will return … », for us these are not words in vain, it’s a certainty, we will leave and take our children with us, We know that Cedric will introduce us to other exceptional places in Indonesia.

Terima Kasih (thank you) Cedric for this beautiful trip. »

Mars 2018