Terms of Sales :

In accordance with the provisions of Article R211-12 of the Tourism Code, the provisions of Articles R 211-3 to R211-11 of the Tourism Code are reproduced as Terms and Conditions of Sale and apply exclusively to the organization and sales of trips, stays and tourist packages within the meaning of articles L 211-1 of the Tourism Code.

Since the French Tourism Code will change from 1 July 2018 in accordance with the provisions of Directive (EU) 2015/2302 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 November 2015 on Package Travel and Related Travel Services, these General Conditions and Special Sales Conditions will have to be modified to take account of the new legislative provisions.

Special conditions of sale :

MANDARA defines special conditions of sale (SCS) according to the functioning of the Agency and the specificities of products that are tailor-made. The purchase of a tailor-made products implies the acceptance of the special conditions of sale.

SCSs include:

  • the special conditions of sale of Agency (SCSA) as defined below, which can be consulted via the website www.bali-mandara.com and on request from the sales department ;
  • the special conditions of additional sale of Products (SCSP) as defined for each proposal according to the proposed trip.

In case of contradiction between the SCSA of the Agency and the SCSP of the Product mentioned in the proposal (including the program and the estimate), the latter SCSP of the Product will prevail over SCSA of the Agency.


The acceptance of a tailor-made trip implies the unreserved acceptance of our general conditions and our particular conditions of sale. You can apply for a trip via the website or by contacting the Agency directly to have an estimate drawn up. The reservation is final from the signature of the quote or the payment of the first deposit, the latter being acceptance of the proposal. The confirmation of the trip depends on the availability of the providers. And subject to receipt of the requested documents (for example, medical certificate …). Upon confirmation of a trip, a confirmation email is sent to the customer. The reservation must be completed precisely with the names and first names on the passport of the participants. If the names and surnames are changed after registration, a change fee of a minimum of 100 euros will be charged. If notes have already been issued, the fees are equivalent to the price of the new notes.

– Minors: No reservation made by a minor will be accepted.

– Fitness and technical level: for all our trips or stays, the participant must ensure that his fitness and experience are appropriate to the proposed activities. The agency MANDARA cannot be held responsible in case of incapacity or physical insufficiency or an incompatible technical level. Before booking, the MANDARA agency strongly recommends to everyone to know the prerequisites necessary for the practice of an activity (for example, Trek, Diving…). It is also advisable to read the safety instructions, sanitary conditions, and climatic conditions of the destination. For this, you can consult the sheets of the website of the French Ministry of Foreign Affairs (www.diplomatie.gouv.fr / heading Advice to travellers). In certain circumstances, the agency MANDARA may be required to sign one or more of these cards, as an obligation of information. Referent providers are entitled to validate or not the practice of certain activities according to the aptitude of the participants. They can cancel an activity to ensure the safety of people. In this case, MANDARA cannot be held responsible. No refund can be taken care of by MANDARA.


2.1- Request

The trips proposed by MANDARA are tailor-made. Proposed trips are privatized for a group formed. A customer will have to make a tailor made request via the website or by contacting the Agency directly.

2.2 – Terms of payment

The payment terms are specified in the quote.


Each participant is required to comply with the police and health regulations at all times during the trip, stay, or day. In any case, the agency MANDARA cannot replace the individual responsibility of the customer who must take care of obtaining all the formalities before departure (passport, visa, vaccination book …) and for the duration of the travel, including the completion of customs formalities of the country regulating the export of object, such as carpets, antiques, … All practical information content our communication and information media, are provided for information only and cannot engage our responsibility.

Foreign nationals must inquire about the administrative and health formalities at the competent embassies or consulates.

Failure to comply with these regulations, the impossibility of a client to present documents in good standing on the day of departure or during the trip, any delay (even resulting from a case of force majeure during pre-routing air, rail, or terrestrial of which we are not suppliers), imply the sole responsibility of the participant who will bear the expenses incurred.


The agency MANDARA is insured in professional liability with MMA IARD. However, the MANDARA agency cannot replace the individual civil liability that each participant must hold.

For destinations outside France (including Indonesia), the agency MANDARA recommends to subscribe a multi-risk contract. A copy of the terms and conditions of this insurance is downloadable online. Otherwise a copy may be sent to you on request. The proposed multi-risk insurance covers the cancellation; loss, theft, or damage to luggage; assistance, research costs, repatriation and medical expenses abroad; pro-rata reimbursement of unused land benefits in case of involuntary interruption of stay; assistance, depending on the particular conditions in the contract. In any case, do not forget to carry with you on the trip a copy of your contract because you are responsible for the declaration of claims with the insurance.

For more information, contact EUROP ASSISTANCE quoting contract reference: 01 41 85 85 85 (France) / +33 1 41 85 85 85 (Abroad)


In case of cancellation by the customer, for whatever reason, the amounts paid as a deposit will be refunded according to the rules described below.

5.1. Scale

Cancellation more than 90 days before the departure results in a deduction of 20% of the price of the trip in addition to the booking fees already incurred by the Agency without exceeding 50% of the selling price for the total deduction.

From 90 days of the departure, the cancellation will entail the application of the following scale of deductions:

between 90 and 60 days: 50% of the price of the trip

between 60 and 30 days: 75% of the trip price

less than 30 days: 100% of the selling price

5.2. The amounts deducted will be refunded to you by the proposed insurance if you have subscribed to it and if the reasons for the cancellation are in accordance with the contract. Attention, in case of cancellation on your part, notify as soon as possible the Agency MANDARA (by phone and with written confirmation by email to cedric@bali-mandara.com). The cancellation fees that will be charged to you by the MANDARA Agency correspond to the date on which we will be informed of this cancellation.

5.4. If a payment default is found or a payment cannot be collected within the contractual deadlines, the Agency MANDARA reserves the right to cancel the trip without compensation and without refunding the deposit received. No show at the appointment on the day of departure for any reason whatsoever does not open any right to any refund. Any trip interrupted in the abstract by the participant for any reason whatsoever, does not give rise to any refund.


Until the last minute, a cancellation can intervene in imposed circumstances and outside our will (strikes, political troubles, security problems…). In these cases of cancellation, no refunds or other compensatory allowances will be granted. In case of cancellation, the persons having made a reservation, will be notified immediately from the decision by a cancellation email.


At the time of booking, the program may be adjusted at the margin depending on the availability of our partners. The choice of accommodation may be modified respecting as far as possible the class of service originally planned. MANDARA Agency will inform the client of any changes.


Any request for modification by a customer of one of the services of the trip will be invoiced, insofar as MANDARA would be able to satisfy this request. We would like to point out that any modification or change to the name after the issue of airline tickets regardless of the date of the change entails the application by airlines and / or the administrative authorities (authorizations, visas, …) of penalties and / or modification fees that will be passed on to you.


A list of carriers likely to provide international flights will be specified in the proposal. Failing this, customers will be able to contact the Agency for advice on organizing their transfer to the host country. As a general rule, the agency MANDARA is responsible for booking domestic flights only, and welcomes customers directly in the country visited.


During air transfers, your luggage is under the responsibility of the airline. Any dispute during these transfers must be handled directly between the customer and the carrier. For the rest of the trip, your luggage remains under your own responsibility. During the trip, the luggage can be transported by rudimentary means of transport (4x4, carry, boat, …). They must therefore be adapted to these conditions of transport. MANDARA can not be held responsible in case of deterioration.


The agency MANDARA acting as an intermediary, between the client on the one hand and the service providers (carriers, hoteliers, charterers, guides …), can not be confused with the latter who, in any state of cause, retain their own responsibility. If unforeseen events or imperative circumstances involving the safety of the traveler impose it, MANDARA reserves the right, before departure, during the circuits, directly or through its guides, to modify the schedules, the activities or itineraries provided without the customer can claim any compensation. Each participant must comply with the advice and instructions given by the local guide in charge of the group representing the agency, which can not be held responsible for incidents.

The MANDARA agency can not be held responsible for consequences resulting from force majeure or circumstances beyond its control. This includes, but is not limited to, acts and disasters of nature.

In addition, each participant must be aware that he / she can run risks of any kind due to local conditions (risk environment, distance from medical centers, lack of communication means, poor condition of certain infrastructures, etc.). He assumes them in his name and in the name of his beneficiaries in full knowledge of the facts and agrees not to blame MANDARA.


Any change in exchange rates, carriers or other service providers may result in the readjustment of prices quoted in the quote (including changes in airport taxes, entry fees to reserves and parks). If the price of the trip is subject to a price change, this will be explicitly stated in the quote. In the case where it is stipulated that the price is likely to vary, our prices, according to the law of July 13, 1992, can vary up to 30 days before the departure. If the variation exceeds 10% of the original price and you have already accepted the travel proposal, you have the option to cancel your trip, free of charge, within 8 days of notification of this increase.

The payment by check or transfer of a deposit or the totality of the trip by the customer takes place of acceptance.

13- CNIL

Registrations and various requests for information are processed by computer at MANDARA. You have, in accordance with the provisions of the Data Protection Act, a right to modify, rectify and delete data concerning you. Please send us your request to cedric@bali-mandara.com